Why Exhibit at Magnetics 2018?

Magnetics 2018 is an international technical conference with an interactive exhibit hall and will be co-located with the Motors and Drive Systems Conference for the eighth year running.  It is a two-day event with hands on workshops and technical sessions focused on the emerging Magnetics marketplace, advancements and technologies.  It is the only direct forum of its kind and is attended by world renown scientists from all over the globe.

Why not join this focused group of OEM design engineers, application engineers,  R&D professionals and industry peers at this two day technical event. Your products and services can be showcased in the exhibit hall and viewed by an audience looking for custom solutions for current projects. Contact Robert Schaudt to reserve your space today.

 What type of Companies Exhibit?

Companies that consult, design, or manufacture in these target magnetic categories:

  • Testing & Instrumentation
  • Soft Magnetic Materials
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Power Electronics
  • EMI / EMC / Shielding
  • Magnetic Assembly & Mfg
  • Brakes
  • Motors
  • Data Storage
  • Nano Magnetics
  • Ferrites
  • Sensors & Motion Control
  • Metrology
  • Electro-Magnetic Software
  • Magnetic Components
  • Magnetic Equipment
  • Specialized Coatings & Adhesives
  • Biomagnetics
  • Superconducting Magnets
  • Cryogenics
  • Magnet Recycling/Conservation
  • Research & Development
  • Transformers/Inductors
  • Magnetic Circuit Design

Exhibitors have staying power!

Over 60% of our exhibitors have participated in 2 or more events.

Testimonials from ongoing exhibitors:

“Each year the Magnetics/Motors conference has grown and improved. Users and suppliers of magnetic materials are well represented, as are motor, device, and magnet manufacturers and magnetic equipment providers. My company has participated as an exhibitor and attendee for many years. We find the networking opportunities, the exposure to potential new customers, and the opportunities to interact personally with our existing customers to be excellent.” ~ Reinhold Strnat, President – Magnet-Physics Inc.

“We have been attending the annual Magnetics and Motors Conference for several years and find that it is a great place to catch up on what is going on in the industry as well as to meet with customers.  This has been especially true over the last two years as Rare Earths have jumped into the spotlight as well as the fact that Magnetics play such a crucial role in our daily lives and in the green energy future.” ~ Robert Strahs, VP –  GM, Arnold Magnetic Technologies.

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Co-Located with Motor & Drive Systems 2016. Click Here to see a list of past participating companies.