Update on the Market: Identifying Opportunities for Magnets and Motors

Presenter: Steve Constantinides, Magnetics & Materials LLC
When: February 7th; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Registration: $395 before January 5th, $495 after January 5th

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Our world is full of change: self-driving cars and trucks; drones for reconnaissance and package delivery; the “One Belt, One Road” huge infrastructure project of China; changes to the mining, processing and recycling of critical materials; unconventional oil and gas well drilling and its effect on energy prices; and much more. What does all this mean for the magnet and motor community? Might there be opportunities for growth of our existing businesses? How to adapt our businesses to meet the challenge of change.

Who Should Attend: Marketing and business strategy managers, purchasing managers, product design engineers – anyone involved in selecting materials for existing products, designing modified or new products, and persons seeking a strategic advantage for their company in the marketplace.
Benefits for Attendees: Better understanding of the markets for magnetic materials and for motors and actuators; changes in the markets that are creating new or greatly expanded opportunities; where these opportunities are likely to be found geographically; options for dealing with competition.

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