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Is There an Optimum Price-Performance Metric for Permanent Magnet Materials?
John Ormerod, Principal and Founder, JOC LLC

Attend any magnetics conference or seminar and I can guarantee a slide will appear in someone’s presentation showing something along the lines of the year of introduction of a permanent magnet material versus the corresponding (BH)max.

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Powerbox Reveals Coreless Power Conversion Technology for High Magnetic Field Applications
Powerbox has announced the release of its new coreless technology platform to power medical and industrial equipment operating in very high magnetic field environments such as magnetic resonance imaging or particle accelerators. Using the latest technology in high-frequency switching topologies and digital control with proprietary firmware to optimize efficiency and voltage regulation, Powerbox’s GB350 buck-converter module is the first building block in its category that is able to operate safely when exposed to high radiation magnetic fields of 2 to 4 Tesla. <read more>


Mini Magnet Packs World Record Punch

Sometimes, the best things come in small packages. That was the case at the Florida State University-based National High Magnetic Field Laboratory when a magnet that fits in the palm of a hand claimed a new world record. Made of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) tape, the miniature magnet is only the second of its kind ever made. Outperforming its MagLab predecessor, it reached a magnetic field of 11.3 teslas (or T, a unit of magnetic field strength) while inside a larger, 31.2-T resistive magnet.<read more>


UMD Physicist Improves Method for Designing Fusion Experiments

"Measure twice, cut once" is an old carpenter's proverb--a reminder that careful planning can save time and materials in the long run. The concept also applies to the design of stellarators, which are complex nuclear fusion experiments meant to explore fusion's potential as an energy source. Stellarators work by confining a ring of blazing-hot plasma inside a precisely shaped magnetic field generated by external electromagnetic coils. When the plasma gets to several million degrees--as hot as the interior of the sun--atomic nuclei begin to fuse together, releasing massive amounts of energy.<read more>


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  Industry News

Standex Expands Electronics in Asia with Planned Acquisition of OKI Sensor Device Corp.
Standex International Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement with Japan-based OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd. to acquire its wholly owned subsidiary, OKI Sensor Device Corp.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. OKI Sensor Device is a designer and supplier of magnetic reed switches. It recorded revenue of approximately ¥6.8 billion (approximately $56 million) for its most recently concluded fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 with approximately $12.9 million of this revenue comprised of sales to Standex Electronics. <read more>


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