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Summer 2016

MBT_Summer2016_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- Extending the Limits of the Sm2Co17 System
- Advances in Manufacture of Low or No Heavy Rare Earths NdFeB Magnets
- New Measurement Technique Characterizes Permanent Magnets
- The Ambition to Get Highest Flux Densities, Is It Always Reasonable?
- Spontaneous Thoughts: Permanent Magnet Mistakes, Part Two

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Spring 2016

MBT_Spring2016_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- Permanent Magnets in a Changing World Market
- Design Considerations Using Permanent Magnets
- Insulated Iron Powders, SMC, Current State and Future Possibilities
- The Design of a Permanent Magnet Motor for a Direct Drive Fan Application
- Tailoring of Pole Shapes of Multipolar Injection Molded Magnets
- Spontaneous Thoughts: Seventeen Mistakes People Make with Permanent Magnets

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Winter 2015

MBT_Winter2015_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- What the Heck Happened to the Magnet Industry?
- An Introduction to Resonant Inductive Power Transfer
- Spontaneous Thoughts: Small Ball
- 2016 Resource Guide
- Magnetics 2016: Preview

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Summer 2015

MBT_Summer2015_coverFeatures & Columns:

- Bonded Magnets: A Versatile Class of Permanent Magnets
- Spintronics on Paper: The Whys and Wherefores
- Spontaneous Thoughts: The Rate Determining Step

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Spring 2015

MBT_Spring2015_coverFeatures & Columns:

- First-Order-Reversal-Curve Analysis of Multi-Phase Ferrite Magnets
- Magnetics Design Tool for Power Applications
- Magnet Inspection Tool with High Magnetic and Mechanic Accuracy
- Spontaneous Thoughts: The Patent Challenge

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Winter 2014

Mag_Winter2014_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- Magnetocaloric Measurements: From Energy Efficient Refrigeration to a Tool for the Study of Phase Transitions
- Exceeding the Performance of Si-Fe with High End Magnetic Materials and Technologies
- 2015 Magnetics Magazine Resource Guide
- Spontaneous Thoughts: The Last Large Gathering

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Summer 2014

Mag_Summer2014_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- Moving Beyond Helium in Magnetics Research
- Advances in Ferrite-Integrated On-Chip Inductors Using Aerosol Deposition
- A Fresh Look at Design of Buck and Boost Inductors for SMPS Converters
- Handheld Three-Axis Magnetometers
- Spontaneous Thoughts: A Different Paradigm

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