2015 eNewsletter

December 2015

  • Record Quality Factor Lowers Cost of New Particle Accelerator
  • Novel Intermediate Energy X-Ray Beamline Opening for Researchers
  • Magnetic Field Helps Qubit Electrons Store Information Longer
  • Louisiana Company Licenses LSU Physicists’ Industry-Changing Discovery
  • Global and Chinese NdFeB Industry Report 2015-2018
  • Global Permanent Magnets Market Report – Analysis, Trends, Technologies & Forecast 2015-2020

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November 2015

  • An Introduction to Resonant Inductive Power Transfer
  • Are You Qualified?
  • iC-MH16: a Flexible Magnetic Position Sensor for Fast BLDC Motor Controls and Serial Absolute Encoders
  • New 2D Speed and Direction Sensor IC Using Vertical and Planar Hall Elements
  • Triad’s Medical-Grade Power Transformers Offer 4KV Isolation, Low-Voltage Step-Down
  • Global Wireless Power Revenue Is Expected to Reach $17.9 Billion in 2024
  • Molycorp, Inc. Files Restructuring Plan

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October 2015

  • What the Heck Happened to the Magnet Industry?
  • Small Ball
  • What is the Future of Cool? Science Community Discusses the State of Magnetic Cooling Technology
  • Muon g-2 Magnet Successfully Cooled Down and Powered Up
  • New Package Option for Two-Wire, Unipolar, Hall-Effect Switch Family
  • Multiphysics Software Speeds Resolution of Design Problems
  • Emerging Opportunities in Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market 2010-2019
  • Global MRI Market Report 2015 – Growth, Trends and Forecasts to 2019 for the $7 Billion Industry

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September 2015

  • The Rate Determining Step
  • AVX Introduces Tantalum SMD Capacitors for Medical Applications
  • API Technologies Adds High Temperature EMI Filter to Product Offering
  • Ultra-Low Profile, Shielded, SMT Power Inductors for Small Electronic Devices
  • New 120 Watt Planar Transformers for Active Clamp Forward Topology
  • Inductive Components from SMP Offer Expanded Performance Range
  • Ferrite Magnet Powder Manufacturing Plant Project Report 2015
  • Global Automotive Sensors Market Report 2015
  • Molycorp to Move Its Mountain Pass Rare Earth Facility to “Care and Maintenance” Mode

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August 2015

  • Spintronics on Paper: The Whys and Wherefores
  • A Visit to the Patent Office
  • Multiphysics Software Speeds Resolution of Design Problems
  • New Dual Die, Hall-Effect Angle Sensor ICs for Motor Position Applications
  • New Process Recycles Magnets from Factory Floor
  • New Chip Inductors Offer Highest Inductance and Lowest DCR of any 0402-sized RF Choke
  • Research and Markets: 2015 Magnetics Industry Directory
  • Research and Markets: 2015 Top 50 Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • Molycorp, Inc. Secures Court Approval for Financing and Additional Time

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July 2015

  • Bonded Magnets: A Versatile Class of Permanent Magnets
  • New Magnetic Ce Alloy Could Replace Costly Element
  • New CMI Process Recycles Magnets from Factory Floor
  • Infolytica Releases Update to MagNet for SOLIDWORKS
  • New High-Performance Hall Effect Sensor ICs for Automotive Applications
  • China Rare Earth Industry Report, 2014-2018
  • Use of Ferrite PMs Will Boost the Global PM Motor Market Through 2019
  • NEMA Publishes Supplement for Round Film-Insulated Magnet Wire

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June 2015

  • Magnet Inspection Tool with High Magnetic and Mechanic Accuracy
  • MagLab Claims Record with Novel Superconducting Magnet
  • US Joins the World in a New Era of Research at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Gaussmeters and Hall Probes for Research and Manufacturing Applications
  • New Power Inductors Feature Powdered Metal Cores for High Saturation Currents to 5.8 A
  • New 3 V Hall-Effect Linear Sensor IC with I˛C Output
  • Expanded Gate Drive Transformer Series Complies with Safety Agency Standards for Reinforced Isolation
  • TI Introduces Fully Integrated Fluxgate Sensor
  • MRI Systems Market Worth $6,802.7 Million by 2020
  • Magnetic Flowmeter Market worth $1,916.94 Million by 2020

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